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SPRING HILL — Her mother is a first generation Colombian. Her father, a second generation Ecuadoran. And on Sept. 21, Tatiana Quiroz, 17, who was born in Dallas, took the crown for the 2019 Miss Hispanic Queen, presented during the third annual Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Lake House in Spring Hill.

Tatiana is a soft spoken, gracious beauty with very animated deep brown eyes. But her win was not based on surface beauty. Miss Hispanic Queen is not a beauty pageant but rather an experience that encourages young Hispanic girls to learn about and spotlight their culture.

The competition for Miss Hispanic Queen began in 2013 as an organization to educate local girls about their Hispanic culture. Girls ages 14 to 18 would compete for the title. Read More!

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SPRING HILL — It is a festival that almost wasn’t. Two years ago, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma, organizers considered canceling the inaugural event. But the weekend after the hurricane hit — and while many residents were still without power — the Hispanic Heritage Festival of Hernando County was born.

It proved to be a hit, with more than 2,000 people attending in 2017. And the numbers doubled with last year’s festival.

The third-annual Hispanic Heritage Festival, hosted by the Miss Hispanic Queen of Hernando County, returns to the Lake House on Sept. 21. Festival-goers will have an opportunity to experience the culture, food and music of the Latino community.

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Hernando celebra la herencia hispana

Cientos de floridanos hispanos se reunieron en Hernando para celebrar la herencia hispana junto a los talentos de Telemundo 49.

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